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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 15, 2010 6:00am-7:30am EDT

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good morning. a car plows into a crowd at a nighttime off-road race in california, and at least six people are dead, several more injured. we will show you the video. also this morning, gulf coast officials got the picture they wanted. the president of the united states in the water. also, does it prevent pregnancy or terminate pregnant? that's the question at the heart of a debate over a new emergency contraception pill that can be
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taken up to five days after unprotected sex. from the cnn center, this is cnn "cnn sunday morning." i am t. j. holmes, and i am glad you can start your sunday morning with us this morning. and then the armed forces network, glad you can see us this morning. and buffalo police made an arrest in yesterday's restaurant shooting that killed four people, but turns out the shooter may still be on the loose. our affiliate, wgrz says the man in custody may be the wrong guy and charges against him could be dropped. keep it here. we are keeping a close eye on this story. and also, national guards find another battle when they get home. finding work. we are looking at one man's search and the decision he ended
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up making. and then the debate over same-sex marriage. some say if they are legal they could pump $16 million into the economy. we are looking into that. let me get back to a big story we are keeping an eye on. six people dead and several others injured after the off-road race in california. this is part of the mdr, it's called the mojave desert racing series. you see the area, lucerne valley, and you see the vehicles going by. this is part of a race. it's a 50-mile course. they do four laps. the next vehicle coming by, the white one, go ahead and listen in. >> hey, everybody off the track. hey, off the track -- >> you see the spectators --
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rerack this one. i want to show you one more time. a lot might look at the vehicle saying what in the world are the vehicles doing standing that close to this particular race. can you hear a lot of spectators just trying to figure out what is going on. in the middle of the picture, you see the vehicle, the white house one in the earlier picture, upside down, and completely turned over. at least six people killed. and what happens in these races, they are off road and they take place in the mojave desert. they do four lapse. people come out and they hangout and it's an all-night affair. it goes 7 1/2 hours. but the vehicles are off road vehicles, and some of them buggies and others trucks retro fitted to handle the jumps. this is one vehicle going by, and you see the spectators, 10
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feet at most away from the vehicles going 100 miles per hour past them. and here is the white one. listen in again. >> oh, hey, everybody off the track! off the track. wave them down! yeah -- >> you are starting to see some of the aftermath here. we are talking about a 50-mile course. you have tens of thousands of people that show up in line. this is an all-night affair for the most part. there are plenty of rules that govern the people who actually are driving the vehicle, the drivers themselves. but as far as the spectators, it says you are supposed to be 100 feet away from the actual course. well, it's hard to police a 50-mile course to keep people
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back. there are no barricades up, and there are strict rules for nascar and other racing bodies that have barriers and fences that keep people away. you see people laid out in the video, and that can be tough to watch. people are so close to the race. you see the vehicle upside down there, and at least six people killed and several others taken to the hospital with serious injuries. this is going to raise questions about this type of racing and what the rules should be for the spectators as we roll this again. josh, let me bring you in, and the part that will stand out to a whole lot of people that may not understand this racing and phenomenon with the desert off-road racing, why in the world are these people standing literally 10 feet and less away from a vehicle that is going 100 miles an hour over a pubumpy
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desert road. >> this video that you are seeing here will be studied and more video coming over the following hours. the spectators are expected to know certain rules going in, and some people might think this racing takes place on its own. they have a website and i want to show the video more, because it will show you what i am talking about and how it relates to what is happening here. a few of the rules written from the website, it says do not spectate within 100 feet of the course. it also says spectate only on the pit side of the course. we are seeing people on both sides when you take a look. from our perspective, we don't know. cross only at road crossings, and it talks about where you should park and not lining up anywhere near a curve or turn, and not standing or driving
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anywhere near the course itself. all of it is written on the website of the organization mdr, and so where the authorities would be and how the people are expected to follow the rules and what happens when they don't follow the rules is what we need to know. it's pretty intense stuff. they are talking about what kind of nets have you to have and the harnesses that have to be five-point harnesses, and specific types of extinguishers, and the fuel cells and what kinds of things they are using. there are a lot of rules surrounding this as a sport. you would think that these rules would be followed more often, either that or it's just in a lot of cases not enforced in parts of the course. and we have been watching the video closely. and the section we see here does not appear to be on a major turn
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or curve, and with that said these rules are written for the entire race. one thing interesting to us, when you look at the spectator information on the website, what the rules say and what the spectators are supposed to do, the very first thing says, and i am quoting, be aware, the desert tortious is the protected species, and then it goes with the rules for spectators, and then it leads up to do not spectate within 100 feet of the course, do not stand or drive on the course, and no noise after 11:00 p.m. on the night before the race, and remove all trash and spectate only on the pit side of the course. and they talk about the speed limit surrounding the pit. a lot of the things leaf a lot of unanswered questions this morning, and nobody wants to see a tragedy like this with people being killed and injured. we at cnn are look into this and
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trying to get a hold on how often these things are held and how often people are told, hey, these are the rules, and if for some reason, maybe we don't know, maybe there is a reason that in some cases they are allowed closer but certainly not what is written here. >> it should not have to be written. we are not blaming spectators necessarily here, but there are certainly rules. we are used to nascar and all the other stuff, but those rules are so strict. we have seen accidents over the years even in nascar racing. they go out of their way to build the fences up a certain height and making sure the walls can sustain certain impact. can you imagine people standing on a nascar track with vehicles going 100 miles per hour past them? of course you couldn't.
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that is part of this particular kind much racing. and i am not making any kind of judgment about who was driving this vehicle, but these races do allow for a driver to be as young as 15 years old if they get their parents' permission. you can be, and, again, i have no idea about this particular driver, but you can be as young as 15 and be in this kind of race. they do these races, mdr, they are long races, and it's a 50-mile course out here in li lieu -- lucerne valley. they have 7 1/2 hours scheduled for this particular race. an awful tragedy playing out in california. we will keep an eye on this
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story throughout the day and trying to get people on the lines and possibly people that were there to talk to us this morning. we will continue to follow the story. it's eleven minutes past the hour, and we are getting started on this cnn sundays mornings. we have a lot more to bring you here on sunday, and that's how we are getting started. a quick break and we're right back. zegerid otc is the first 24-hour treatment ever with two active ingredients: prescription-strength medicine plus a protective ingredient that shields the medicine from stomach acid so it's effectively absorbed. just one zegerid otc capsule a day can relieve your heartburn all day and all night. if you have frequent heartburn, try dual-ingredient zegerid otc. heartburn solved. and the cast has been gathered. when the curtain rises. and the spotlight is yours. having a strong signal at your back... is like having invisible power everywhere.
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stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. you didn't get to this age by having things handed to you. this is the age of taking action. viagra. talk to your doctor. see if america's most prescribed e.d. treatment is right for you. 14 minutes past the hour now here on this cnn "cnn sunday morning." we turn to the president's brief trip to the gulf. this was to help people focus on coming back to the gulf and help the industry get more tourism dollars in. but the president's trip was a bit overshadowed by something else. the president had to clarify earlier comments he made about the plans to build the community center and mosque at ground zero. and ed henry was in panama city
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beach. >> reporter: the whole purpose was to show the water is clean and the seafood is safe, but the president runs the risk now of having that message overshadowed by what he did on friday night, and at the white house he decided to come out and seemingly endorse the construction project, a mosque and a muslim community center at ground zero, and i had a chance to catch up to the president e one-on-o one-on-one, and impressed the president on what he meant. the president tried to tell me that there is a distinction here, that he was not endorsing the project or speaking out on the wisdom of the mosque and whether it should go forward but instead was speaking broadly about religious freedom. >> what do you think about the reaction to your speech about
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the mosque? >> well, my intention was to simply let people know what i thought. which was that in this country we treat everybody equally in u accordance with the law regardless of race and religion. i was not commenting and i will not comment on the wisdom of making a decision to put a mosque there, and i was commenting specifically on the right that people have that dates back to our founding. that's what our country is about. and i think it's very important that, you know, as difficult as some of the issues are, we stay focused on who we are as a people and what our values are all about. >> the president's comments to cnn sparked more controversy leading to speculation that the president was backing off his original comments on friday, and that forced the spokes man to
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clarify the president's clarification. he was saying the president is not backing off on what he said on friday, and he said it is not his responsible the as president to pass judgment, but it's his duty to stand up for equal treatment for all americans. and various republican critics are not buying this. peter king of new york is saying the president's original comments are insensitive. that has put the white house a bit on the defensive and has some democrats nervous heading into the mid-term elections where the party was already on the defensive. now there is a fear that there is another issue that is going to put democrats in a tough position come november. ed henry, cnn, with the president in panama city, florida. >> you heard ed talking about the point that this trip was to draw attention to the gulf region to try and say it's safe
6:18 am
so come visit, but now at the same time there is news to report about the well. no, oil is not leaking, but reynolds wolf is there, and we could be a week away from being done with this thing. when i say done with this thing, we are talking about just the well itself, we could be a week away. >> reporter: i would say if this were a horse race we would be in the home stretch. we are close to the finish line. we may have a few obstacles, and we will get to that in a few minutes. let's start off with the telephone conference with admiral. the first thing they plan on doing is to finish the relief well. and the second objective is to complete the bottom kill. but before we get to that point he wants to release an order to bp where he wants to conduct pressure tests inside the well head itself and if the pressure readings seem okay they will
6:19 am
proceed with the bottom kill operation and the relief well. those results will not come back until monday or tuesday, and then once in place it will take four days or so to set everything up and continue with the relief well and the bottom kill. and there is one thing that is throwing a little wrinkle in, and that has to do with tropical depression number five, and that caused a delay in the whole operation just a few days ago and it's now hovered over parts of south alabama. and there is a chance that may drift back over the gulf of mexico. if that happens that may cause additional delays. you see the radar right here with some of the rings, if you will, along the i-10 corridor, so weather may play a part in this. and let's go back to the oil, and we are in alabama, and we had oil washing up onshore especially as tropical number five was making its way onshore
6:20 am
the oil came up with it. and despite the rain and thunderstorms we had in the area, the conditions on the water were phenomenal. a cnn photo journalists went down and got great shops. you see kites there and clear blue skies, and clouds here and there. everybody was having a great time. and these conditions are being seen up and down much of the gulf coast. and the reason why is the hard work of the cleanup crews. we actually spoke with bp workers off camera just the other day. it was just last night. and they are told us they are now moving to a different mode of cleanup where they will bring the boom offshore. the idea is to get it offer shore and stored away before the peak of hurricane season comes on in parts of the gulf of mexico. certainly busy developments, and we will tackle the weather scenario soon. back to you. >> we will talk to you shortly,
6:21 am
handling double duty, and the gulf coast and cleanup and the weather as well. talk to you shortly, buddy. >> reporter: you bet. a new number out of pakistan this morning. 20 million. the number of people now displaced in that terrible flooding there called the worse natural disaster in that country's history. a visit by the u.s. secretary general, and we will head live to pakistan coming up next. it's 21 minutes past the hour on this cnn "cnn sunday morning." a fantastic opportunity to get a great offer on a new cadillac cts sport sedan... ..the most acclaimed vehicle in its class and a car and driver 10 best third year in a row. summer brings out the best in all of us, so now's the perfect time to get behind the wheel of a brand new cadillac. now during cadillac's summer's best sales event... get zero percent apr financing for 72 months or this attractive lease offer on a cts sport sedan.
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24 minutes past the hour now. we turn to pakistan where the united nations secretary is calling on the community to provide more aid in the wake of the flooding there.
6:25 am
he was given a tour of the some of the flooded areas. reza sayah joins us now. how could the trip by the secretary general lift spirits and draw more attention to what is happening? >> reporter: i think that's why he is here, he wants to draw attention to what is a dire situation. these floods hit more than two weeks ago. over the past several days it has become clear that things aren't improving but getting worse. that's why the u.n. chief was here. he was in dubai, and the pakistan's interior minister flew back, and on that flight the interior minister briefed him on the situation on the ground and using maps showed him the flood zones that extend all the way from northwest pakistan to central pakistan. the u.n. says 1/5 of pakistan in
6:26 am
under water, and that's the equivalent of florida under water. and this is worse than the 2004 indian ocean tsunami and the '05 earthquake, and he says he is here to see the devastation himself. >> another thing, we always here in disasters that there is a second wave of disaster if help does not come, and that's often a second wave of disease. is there a threat of that now? if something is not done quickly, we could see more people dying because of disease. >> reporter: yeah, no question about it. and one of the biggest concerns is an outbreak of kau lara. it's an infection caused by bacteria found in infected food and water. millions of flood victims only
6:27 am
had access to dirty water and dirty food. they have not had clean water and food. it could set in early on. it's a disease that could be treated, and if you leave it untreated it could be a life-threatening situation. and they are calling on the international community to step up aid before things deteriorate. >> reza, we appreciate you as always this morning. we want to turn to a professor, and he has been talking to family members about what is happening there. thank you for being with us this morning. you just heard reza saying to the bacteria. is the rest of the world, people just not paying enough attention and getting enough of an understanding of how big of the disaster this is? >> you are right.
6:28 am
the feeling in pakistan is precisely that, is that the world responds differently to disasters in other areas. the scale is unimaginable. it's biblical in terms of proportions. 20 million displaced and 2,000 dead, and then cases are now on the surface. and then the river which is the lifeline of pakistan goes down from the north to the south is flooded. at one point in the south, it is 25 miles wide. it's devastation on an unprecedented scale. the government's response has been tawdry, and you see a sense of crisis. remember what happens in pakistan is directly links with the war in terror according to david petraeus. pakistan is critical on the wharf terror. >> you call it shamballic. there is a lot of criticism for
6:29 am
how the world has reacted. have you been seeing and hearing from maybe you know and family members that in fact this is not going so well for the president of pakistan who is now being criticized for how he is hand handling it? >> you are right, he took his sweet time coming back to pakistan, and he was in france, and he was in the uk, and the pakistani media and people were furious because of the lack of response. if you recall, t. j., it's like president bush responding with some hesitation to katrina and people were critical of that. and this is much worse for pakistan. they wanted the president of the country to be there in their midst consoling them and giving leadership, and that did not
6:30 am
happen and that symbolized the response of the government itself. >> you may not automatically think how this could play into the war on terror, and the fact that the taliban could be impacted in some way and our war with the taliban could be impacted in some way. make that point again, how this could play into the taliban's rule in particularly the regions being affected. >> that's a great question, and i hope america is listening. david petraeus is a brilliant soldier, and he understands these connections. his philosophy and policy is to win the hearts and minds, and therefore marginize the support for the taliban. if the government is slow in the responses, the anger is growing in pakistan. remember the conflict. the war is taking place against
6:31 am
the militants in the frontier province primarily. this is where the people in pakistan have been hardest hit. the pakistan army to its credit has been out there, and the americans are turning up with helicopters and so on. and if that does not happen enough, the people will lean towards the opposition of the government, and they will say america is in the way of the islam, and pakistan is an ally of the americans, you can see the connection of the dots. >> that is a great point to make there. certainly you should always do the right thing. and doing the right thing for the people of the pakistan could lead to fortunate consequences during the fight. we appreciate you coming on and lending us your exsppertise. sir, thank you so much for your time. >> thank you, t. j.
6:32 am
when a bride-to-be plans her wedding, there are plenty of magazines out there, of course, to look at, but what if the bride is gay? >> i just said to her, there is nobody else i want to spend the rest of my life with or create a family with, or be on this journey with, so i want to do this with you and i asked her to spend my life with me. >> coming up, we are looking at the business now of gay marriage. that's coming up on this sunday morning. also, we will give you the latest, and the developments are continuing to come on the tragic accident at an off-road race in california. you are looking at the video that resulted in six people, at least six people being killed when one of the vehicles, this white vehicle coming by your screen now, goes off the road and plows into the crowd. again, at least six people killed. we will continue to update you on the story throughout this cnn
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[ car door closing ] [ male announcer ] time tot! check your air conditioning? come to meineke now and get a free ac system check. meineke. we have the coolest customers. 35 minutes past the hour here on this cnn "cnn sunday morning." this is the week that gay marriages could resume in california, but first the appeals court has to decide on a couple of appeals they are looking at right now. the two sides right now have filed some briefings with the
6:36 am
appeals court out there. some of them saying, yes, allow the marriages to go forth on wednesday. that's what a district judge said should happen. however the proponents of prop 8 have filed their own briefing saying no you should not let the marriages go forward until the court of appeals hears both sides of the case. the appeals court gave supporters until monday to file the response, but they got it in already. have you seen this back and forth over proposition 8 after a district judge said prop 8 was unconsequentitutio unconstitutional. if every state legalized same-sex marriages, the government could get a big boost in the economics. we look at equally wed, an on-line magazine for gay
6:37 am
couples, and that's where they go to look for guidance. >> reporter: no, they are not sisters, cousins or just friends. they consider themselves wife and wife. >> i just said to her, there is nobody else that i want to spend the rest of my life with or create a family with or be on this journey with, and i just want to do this with you, and i asked her to spend her life with me. casey accepted the marriage proposal and they had a ceremony in georgia, but they have to go to vancouver to get a marriage certificate. the two women were not only celebrated by their friends and family, but also by a one-of-a-kind magazine. they made the front page of a new online magazine catering to gay brides and grooms. the owners published the online
6:38 am
quarterly from their office in their georgia home. when they were planning their wedding they say traditional bridal magazines were not much help. >> honeymoon destinations. there are countries out there where it's illegal and they are throw you in prison for being guy. and even straight couples had lesbian bridemaids don't want to wear a dress. >> we have hits from sweden, ireland, london, south america. >> reporter: in 2004, a congressional budget office study found if all 50 states extended the legal rights and obligations of marriage to same sex couples, gay weddings would
6:39 am
generate $1 billion in revenue each year in the federal budget. and "forbes" magazine said $16 billion to be spent. >> it comes down to, you know, the fact that we love one another. and it's just a public commitment with our family and friends. >> reporter: marney and casey are headed to canada to get legally married and enjoy the honeymo honeymoon. only nine out of 50 states recognize same-sex marriage, and georgia is not one of them. for now, this does not phase the two. they say they are only interested in love, and perhaps one day being equally wed.
6:40 am
fredricka whitfield, cnn, atlanta. let me show you something you don't see every day. it's a pair of zebras making a run for it in california.
6:41 am
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43 minutes past the hour. reynolds is here with me, because you have covers stories with me over the years, and i don't know if you covered one quite like this, and those are zebras. these are running through
6:44 am
neighbors and down the streets. you see the police department. they had a good police presence out. this is in sacramento. they were galluping through town. the part that got me, and i heard about zebra's on the loose, and i thought the zoo needs to increase securities or something, and no, these are pet zebras. somebody had them at their house. i did not know you could do that. >> reporter: seems to me, they are not supposed to be in nature, and remember "brother how art thou." it's -- >> they belong in the wild, i thought. they got on the loose, and one had to go on the vet and the
6:45 am
other one back home. this went on for hours. i am sure the police had other things they would rather do out in california, but they had to chase down a couple zebras running around. reynolds, i think you have done a story about a swarm of bees before, but what you see there, those are flies. it's a small town in germany. thousands and thousands of flies. now, it looks horrible, yes. but we are told it smells worse than it looks. they say it's just unbearable. but here is the kicker for you. the flies, i am told here in the script by our trusty writer, richard, this is supposed to be somewhat romantic, because these flies go to breed here every year one last time, and then they die. >> reporter: yeah, this is normally the point where i come
6:46 am
up great, but i have no words for something like this. that's unbelievable. why would they converge there? what would the point me? i think germany, nice people and fine beer, and maybe that's what is bringing them there, you never know. >> flies, you go there to mate and then die, and not the worse way to go out, i suppose, but some news of the weird we wanted to bring you this morning. reynolds will bring you weather in a bit, because we went too long with the animals and flies. thank you so much, buddy. i have a unique concept for a hotel, and wonder if you would be willing to stay in the hotel. you pay for only what you use. >> i like it because it has everything that i need. if i am not using it, i am not paying for it. >> yeah, but you have got to pay for a towel, and maybe you have to pay for the tv, and you have to pay for the toilet paper and
6:47 am
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india celebrating 63 years
6:50 am
of independence today. in the hotel industry, paying for what you only use. but it's some of the stuff we take for granted anyway. we are showing you stories from around the world. it sounds good, and there is stuff in the hotel room i don't usually use. and two hotels said you need a fabulous bed, and they call it the five-star bed and a power shower, and everything else you pay for. you have a breakfast set, which is $4.75, maybe $7.25, and if you rent a towel, it will be about $1.56. yes, a towel. you have to pay for a towel that comes with a toiletry set. you usually use two or three towels, and they are saying
6:51 am
let's be ecofriendly. and you do different things in a hotel room with towels than you would, so they are saying pay for that, and pay for your hair drier and your wi-fi and internet. they are opening in london. it's a wonderful location. they say we will give you a great location and security and a clean room. room cleaning costs. room cleaning costs about 7 pounds, which is about $18 to change your pillow cases or sheets. think about that. you come into a clean room. but then if you want it cleaned while you are staying there, you pay extra. i spoke to the ceo, and he said he stayed in all of the fancy hotels, and what are you paying for? the spa and shaauna that you dot use.
6:52 am
now, it's around 35 pounds, or $51 or so. and supply and demand. if the major events in london will charge more. they have a special, and it's 9 pounds, and it's already sold-out. and they will open in india in 2011. they want to have 20 hotels in 2011, and they want to eventually have 100 hotels in india. this is the first in london, and up until now they have been in malaysia and india. and what costs is housekeeping. it's probably the most ecofriendly hotel chain in the world. >> we talked about pakistan's anniversary yesterday. >> yeah, pakistan yesterday because they had their main ceremony on the 14th of august, and now today it's for india.
6:53 am
i am wearing orange, green and white. you will see lots of balloons in orange, green and white. and monday, we will talk about south africa and how the journalism community is deeply concerned about a new law. >> we are looking forward to bringing that important story, quite frangly, and people need to be aware of what is happening in south africa. n >> we promise you free towels. >> free towels here. thank you so much. coming up, a soldier puts his life on the line in iraq. but the problem is, when he gets home why is it he cannot even find a job? >> i was putting out resume after resume, and i would have some interviews and i did not get hired. >> coming up, our kate bolduan looking at the challenges many of the national guards are
6:54 am
facing on the job front. also, keeping a close eye in southern california, the deaths of spectators at an off-road race. we are continuing to get new information about it. right now six people dead. we have the video and the new details coming up. stay here. when the stage is set. and the cast has been gathered. when the curtain rises. and the spotlight is yours. having a strong signal at your back... is like having invisible power everywhere. because in that moment... you're not there to take up space.
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-- captions by vitac -- six people killed after an off-road crash in california. spectators close by.
6:58 am
the white vehicle there goes off the road and hits spectators, and six are killed and others injured. we will tell you more about this throughout the morning. actually in a couple minutes when we start at the top of the hour on this cnn "cnn sunday morning." first, let's talk about a new battle facing american veteran. this story by kate bauolduan. >> i am looking at security jobs. >> reporter: he has served with the army national gaurld five years fighting eight months in iraq, only return home in 2008, to a new battle he never expected, not being able to find a job. >> i would have some interviews, and did not get hired. >> reporter: he turned to the only place he knew would hire. >> i have to go back overseas
6:59 am
because i could not find work. i volunteered to go back to iraq. >> reporter: employers are required by law to hold jobs for reservists called to duty and are banned from discriminating against a job applicant because of their service, but soldiers fear they will not be required. >> reporter: he is facing the same transition to civilian life without work. he is not alone. the jobless rate among veterans that served since 9/11, rose to 11.8% last month. compare that to the national rate of 9.5%. the army national guard says this problem is especially troubling among their ranks. >> they have skills and training and should in a good economy give them an edge over their peers. >> reporter: what is the reality
7:00 am
you are seeing? >> the edge is gone because they are getting lost in the volume of people. >> reporter: employment is such an issue that some states are testing out programs to help their part-time soldiers. this captain runs one in maryland. >> what i am doing is throwing a life ring for them and pulling the life ring into one of the employers so they pick them up. >> reporter: it helps them with interview coaching. >> they deserve it because they stepped forward for the country. >> reporter: a tough economy, and another tough battle ahead. any regrets? >> i don't have any regrets at all. i love serving in the military and serving my country. >> reporter: kate bolduan, cnn, washington. good morning. welcome back to this cnn "cnn
7:01 am
sunday morning." at least six people are dead, and several others injured in an off-road race in california after one of the vehicles racing plows into a crowd. we will tell you exactly what happened here last night in california. and the president making a brief trip to the gulf coast. the picture of him swimming is moving around, however, the president has to deal with another controversy following him down there. also coming up this half hour, we will talk about the controversy of a new bill, a new bill said to prevent pregnancy even after five days of unprotected sex. some are saying that's not exactly the case, and the bill is being packaged wrong. we will get into all of that this half hour. but again, taking you back to california and a tragedy we saw happen overnight there.
7:02 am
first, an off-road race, and this is the aftermath of it. this is the second piece of video we have. a little on the right, you see the wheels up. the vehicle is upside down. you see some people laid out on the ground. what is happening out here is called the mojave desert race, and the mdr race, and a lot of people may not be familiar with this. these are off-road races that take place in the mojave desert. thousands of spectators come out and line the course. it takes a while to make this race. now, this is the first video we see. you see one of the vehicles go by, and you will see another one go by as well. take a look at just how close the spectators are to these vehicles that are going up to
7:03 am
100 miles per hour. this third one you see, that's the white one that wrecks. >> hey, everybody off the track! wave them down! wave them down! >> you hear somebody starting to yell "wave them down," telling other vehicles to stop because of the accident that just took place. it's a bumpy terrain, and these vehicles are retrofitted so they can take the bumps. they are supposed to jump over the mounds and hills and that's part of the excitement of the racing. these vehicles are trucks rhett pro -- retro fitted. you are seeing the aftermath as people start to surround this particular vehicle where the accident happened. but this is, as you can imagine, going to stir a lot of debate and controversy over the races. accidents have happened over the years, but here, it's something like you never have seen before
7:04 am
when you think of ougautomotive racing, when spectators are less than ten feet away as vehicles go by at 100 plus miles per hour. any spectator to touch the truck if they wanted to. it's clearly not safe or not what is intended, and it's frankly not part of the actual rules for spectators. they are supposed to be a lot further back than they are. you will certainly hear a lot more debate about the safety of the vehicles and races. josh levs looking into the rules. that's the first thing that stood out to everybody. why are they standing that close to the track -- you can call it a track, it's a road for the off road race. >> i will tell you about the rules. they are written, and i think they expect spectators to know them, and we are not seeing a
7:05 am
sign of the rules being enforced. i have a lot of questions about the rules. let me go overt rules listed on the website. first of all, do not spectate within 100 feet of the course. now, clearly in this video, it looks like they are a lot closer. we are seeing other videos online of previous races at different times where they appear to be closer than 100 feet. we cannot tell from our view which is the pit side, but we know there are people lining both sides of the course there. a couple more rules written here. do not stand or drive on the course. technically, doesn't look like they may be physically on the course, but depends on how you define close. because they are darn close, and it looks like they could touch it. do not spectate on a curve or turn. do not park with your lights on and face on coming race vehicles. as we see this, another thing to keep in mind the way the cars are designed, they are supposed to minimize accidents and
7:06 am
crashes. the cars themselves face all sorts of rules about the kinds of cages and nets they have to have, and the safety harnesses and fire extinguishers, and vario various inspecttions before they can take part in this. the event was advertised, and this does look like they should be following the rules. and we have a google earth image that will take you in. "los angeles times" describes this as being a mecca for the off-street racing. what we will see as we go into lucerne valley, and you can see the terrain in the image there and it shows it's why it's such a hot bed for the racing. a lot of questions of what rules were followed and not followed and why and what needs to be done in the future to prevent a tragedy like this. >> yeah, to the viewers, when
7:07 am
you are used to watching when you hear racing you are thinking about nascar and the indy car series where cars are on tracks, and there are so many rules -- they are very strict about the type of fencing they have and the walls to protect the spectators specifically. you are talking about a 50-mile course they describe this as, and you have so many people coming out along the course, and it's borderline impossible to put up fencing everywhere. it's not the same thing as what we are used to on a track. certainly something needs to be done if you can be that close to the vehicles going over bumps and out of control. and another note, we do not know the age of the driver, but you can be as young as 15 to enter some of the races. you have to have your parents' consent, and we don't have any idea about this particular driver, but there are so many things we don't know about this type of racing and it certainly will come to the forefront now.
7:08 am
thank you to josh levs for the breakdown as well. and we turn to the gulf and a picture that a lot of people were hoping to see. maybe this will do it. will this encourage you to get back into the water if you take a trip to the gulf? well, a lot of the people in the gulf hoping it will. and also, does it prevent pregnancy or terminate pregnancy? that's the question at the heart of a debate over a new emergency contraception pill that can be taken up to five days after unprotected sex. it's eight minutes past the hour.
7:09 am
7:10 am
7:11 am
ed president heading down to the gulf, and everybody wondering if he would get in the water, and ed henry, our white house correspondent, it seems there was an issue overshadowing
7:12 am
this gulf situation, and it's the mosque situation. >> reporter: yeah, there were controversy about if he would get in the water, and is he here enough? they will be here 27 hours on the ground. and all of that seems like a distant memory now, and not a big deal after the controversy on friday evening when the president at a white house event said he would back the project to build the mosque near ground zero. yesterday i had a chance to catch up with the president one-on-one and pressed him on this very issue. rather than run away from it, he was very eager to answer my question about it, and wanted to sort of explain, and add more context by making a distinction about his friday night comments, but it may have backfired. take a listen. >> reporter: what do you think about the reaction to your speech about the mosque? what about the reaction to your speech?
7:13 am
>> my intention was to simply let people know what i thought. which was that in this country we treat everybody equally in accordance with the law regardless of race, regardless of religion. i was not commenting and i will not comment on the wisdom of making a decision to put a mosque there. i was commenting very specifically on the right that people have that dates back to our founding. that's what our country is about. and i think it's very important that, you know, as difficult as some of the issues are, you know, we stay focused on who we are as a people and what our values are all about. >> reporter: so the president trying to make a distinction there that he was not passing judgment on the wisdom of building a mosque near ground zero. that caused all kinds of speculation after cnn added those comments as to whether or
7:14 am
not the president was running away from the comments on friday, and it sparked an extraordinary clarification from the white house of the president's clarification to cnn. they said last night just to be clear the president is not backing off in any way from the comments he made last night, saying it's not the president's role to comment on every single local issue around the country but that just he wanted to talk about the broad principle of religious freedom. for a couple weeks the white house was saying we will not comment on the local issue, and so that makes people ask why is he jumping into a local issue. >> yeah, you are not in a good place if you have to clarify what you just clarified. on a different note, people wondering if he was going to get in the water, and okay, he did. >> reporter: yeah, he did. he said there is one catch ed, i
7:15 am
will not take my shirt off and let you take a picture of it. now there is a new mini controversy, because the president did not get into the gulf behind me, and instead he went into a bay nearby. it may have been because it was more private and secure, and obviously the secret service not throw him out in the ocean, but it was windy, and for safety, it seemed like they would not put him out there, and there were red flags saying you cannot swim out there, and bottom line is he got in the water, and that's the pictures the locals wanted. he got in the water to say, it's safe. >> that's an interesting way to put it, the secret service not throwing the president out in the gulf. ed henry, as always, good to see you. enjoy the rest of your time
7:16 am
there. >> reporter: thank you. the fda approving a pill that could prevent a pregnancy if taken within five days of unprotected sex. we will talk to two ladies, one for the pill and the other against it. it's a quarter past the hour. stay here.
7:17 am
7:18 am
7:19 am
the food and drug administration has approved a controversial new emergency contraceptive. that's what it's billed as. it's a new pill and can be taken within five days of unprotected steps. anti-abortion rights activist not so happy. we have both sides with us this morning. the executive director of the national women's health network good morning to you. and georgia davis with a right
7:20 am
to life is here in the studio. good morning to you both. i will start by asking do you see this as a pill meant to terminate pregnancy or a pill meant to prevent a pregnancy from happening? >> it's a pill meant to prevent a pregnancy from happening. no doubt about it and that's what it has been studied for and can do, and we're happy women have the choice. >> do you see it that way as well? >> i do not. this pill actually will cause an abortion. when it was tested in human tissue, it had the exact same affect as ru486. a lot of people do refer to that as the abortion pill, but at the same time, they say -- i think the term they use is it's a chemical relative, but supposed to behave a little differently
7:21 am
and prevent a process from happening in a woman and prevent that pregnancy in the first place. what are you seeing? what is your argument that it doesn't? >> the european medical association which has done studies on this pill require the woman to have a pregnancy test before they take that pill. so if it doesn't cause abortion, why do they care about a pregnancy test? i submit it's because the pill actually does perform an abortion, and it does prevent an abortion -- i mean, a pregnancy. it depends on where you are in your menstral cycle. >> well, there is debate, and back and fourth, do you think the evidence is conclusive this thing does just prevent a pregnancy and cannot terminate one? >> i am basing what i think on the hundreds of pages of
7:22 am
documentation that were submitted to the fda and made public a couple months ago. our review of those studies show that when given to women who have had an unintended accidental exposure to intercourse without protection, this pillory deuces the risk of those women getting pregnant when they did not want to very significantly and up to five days after intercourse. that has been studied in hundreds of women, actual real women, not just in the tissues in the lab. that's what we know about the pill. that's a real need that women have, where after something happens or when another birth control fails during intercourse, women can still have action to take to prevent the pregnancy that they know that is not right for them. >> mrs. pierceson, would you
7:23 am
say, would you admit that it's supposed to, yes, prevent a pregnancy, but would you say as well that it's capable of terminating one as well? >> no, no, that has not been established. what we do know is it's a very effective after the fact contraceptive. if one chemical is somehow related to another, that may indicate that they will act the same way when they get to humans, but they may act differently when they get to humans. >> you said it's not established. you are shaking your head next to me here. you are seeing that differently? >> absolutely. i am astounded that we are not testing this pill to see what the affects would be. the european medical association, which is the equivalent of our fda is giving exactly opposite information than this young woman is saying today. they are saying it does cause abortion.
7:24 am
they are saying in mice, monkeys, and guinea pigs, etc., it does cause abortion which is why they require a test. >> but like mrs. pierceson says, it has not been established. would you say it has not been established yet in humans that it will in fact abort a pregnancy? >> i disagree. they are saying it does cause abortion which is why the medical association requires the pregnancy test. the other thing we don't know about the drug is the impact. let's say you had sex with somebody consensually, and you are already pregnant and you take this pill, will it cause an abortion? the literature says yes, it will. there has been at least one child whose mother took the pill and was born that had severe optic damage when it was born as a result of taking ella.
7:25 am
we don't know what it will do in the body of a minor, the very hormone this pill blocks is the hormone that is needed for reproductive development. if a teenager were to be prescribed this drug, what impact would it have on her body? we don't know what it has not been studied. >> and the last question, and ten seconds each, and is this just a matter of you are going to read the medical research depending on your ideology, whereever you fall on the abortion debate is that how you will read the medical literat e literature? >> i think so. this is effected to present pregnancy. we believe women still have control after unprotected intercourse. >> i belief regardless of your position with regard to abortion that you should have every available piece of data to make a decision on taking any pill,
7:26 am
and we don't have that information because it has not been studied. >> ladies, this is a very important discussion to have. the more information we have, the better. thank you so much for coming in here with us, and also cindy pierceson, direct krur of the women's health network, thank you for joining us. and it's 25 minutes past the hour. we'll be right back. cholesterol. ♪ you should've listened. you're right. now i'm eating healthier and i trust my heart to lipitor. [ male announcer ] when diet and exercise are not enough, adding lipitor may help. lipitor is fda approved to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke in patients who have heart disease or risk factors for heart disease. lipitor is backed by over 18 years of research.
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i will continue to update you on a big story we are watching. a tragic story out of california, the mojave desert in particular, where an off-road race turned tragic. six people dead after one of the vehicles in the race went off road and plowed into a crowd. the spectators were right on top of the cars as they zip by. the white vehicle was the one in the involved, and it went over the hill and plowed into a crowd and killed six people. a number of others injured, and some of them


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